Whey Protein – Benefits

March 2, 2018

Whey protein is one of the forms of protein which is derived from milk along with other protein i.e. casein which is found in milk. Whey protein is a form of liquid i.e. water-soluble and is known as a protein supplement which completes the daily protein requirement of the body and absorbs faster into the muscles.

Whey protein also helps in prevention of deficiencies which comes from growing old and diabetes etc. In general, consumption of protein helps in reducing the fat amount in the body, therefore, the protein present in Whey Protein does the same without affecting any body organ like kidney or liver. Apart from the benefits listed above, let’s look at what other distinctive benefits one can have with consumption of whey protein supplement particularly for muscle building and muscle gain:-

  1. Easy to make and use – Whey protein is very easy to make, all you need is just the Whey protein powder, a shaker and some amount of water. And the best part of consuming whey protein supplement is that it can easily give you 25 to 30 grams of protein per serving without you being involved in any sort of cooking.
  2. Easy to Digest – Talking about the other variant of protein i.e. casein protein is very slow in digestion as compared to whey protein. Whey protein is fast and easy to digest supplement which theoretically takes less than 2 hours for your body to absorb and function normally.
  3. Promotes Muscle Growth – One of the topmost reason why athletes and gym freaks take Whey Protein as their supplement of protein. Whey is highly rich in branched-chain amino acid called leucine which promotes the growth of amino acids and therefore, helps in improving the overall body strength and body structure. When compared with other protein variants like casein and soy, whey has shown that it slightly better in the promotion of overall muscle growth.
  4. Reduces Inflammation – Inflammation is a sign which indicates that a response was given by our body to any damage. Though short-term inflammation is not something to be worried about, they can also create several lifestyles related problems in the distant future. It has been proven that a high amount of Whey consumption has led to suppressing the C-reactive protein (CRP) which marks inflammation and thus helps in reducing inflammation altogether.
  5. Strengthens anti-oxidant defenses in the body – Anti-oxidant is one such component in the body which helps prevention of chronic diseases. Glutathione is a type of anti-oxidant which is produced by our body itself and whose production depends on various amino acid like cysteine etc. in our body and since whey protein is considered as high cysteine food, it, therefore, helps in further reduction of the oxidative stress as well as it may boost the level glutathione in our body.
  6. Acts as a complete source of Protein – Whey Protein is loaded with various amino acids which are considered as the building blocks of protein. Everybody knows that the protein which we get from plants is an incomplete source of protein and therefore, cannot provide the desired nutrition that one may want. Isoleucine, valine, and leucine are three significant types of amino acids which are popularly known for their ability of muscle protein synthesis and all of these three are present in whey protein supplement thus making it a complete source of protein.
  7. Fast Muscle Recovery – Muscle recovery is an important phase of development and growth of the body. Doing intense workout leads to microtrauma for the muscles which therefore need quick protein to recover fast and since whey protein is considered as a protein supplement which gets digested within 2 hours consumption gives the muscles the required amount of protein for fast muscle recovery.
  8. May treat type-2 diabetes – Diabetes happens when the insulin which is produced in our body is not being able to covert the blood sugar into cells. However, whey protein helps in increasing the level of insulin in the body while effectively moderating the blood sugar when it is being consumed before or with a high-carb meal. Thus, making whey protein as an effective treatment towards type-2 diabetes.

Whey protein high doses can cause some side effects such as increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, tiredness (fatigue), and headache.

So, these were the top benefits of consuming whey protein supplement in your daily routine but one must be aware of the fact that high dosage of whey protein may also have side-effects like nausea, bloating, cramps, headache, lost appetite etc. Thus, one should consume whey protein supplement in a limited and in an acceptable quantity.

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