TV Buying Guide – How to Choose Best TV for Your Room

April 25, 2018

Television has always been a major source of entertainment as well as for information, especially for Indian people. It is one of the consumer technology devices which has not evolved at a faster pace as compared to other consumer-oriented techs. devices and today as well, it is a very tough decision as to which television is best for purchasing. This is because there are few major considerations which an individual has to take before buying a brand new television for himself/herself.

It’s a complicated decision to buy a new TV majorly because of the introduction of modern TVs, better display, better technology and what not. So, it is important to identify those features and specification which would satisfy your need to buy a new TV. Is it the size of the device that matters? Or whether it is the sound quality? Let’s understand different aspects which a customer should take into consideration before purchasing any TV in order to make your decision easier.

  • Screen Size– It is very important to take under consideration the minimum viewing distance for TV because if you sit too near to your TV then, the picture can look very bad and in turn, could really harm your eyes. If you sit very far from your TV then the visual won’t look clear. So, in order to get the best experience of viewing television, it is important to know the right distance which is stated as follows:-
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 32 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 4 to 6 feet.
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 40 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 5 to 8 feet.
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 42 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 5.2 to 8.75 feet.
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 50 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 6 to 10 feet.
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 55 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 7 to 11.5 feet.
    • If the screen size that you are going to buy is of 65 inches then the recommended distance of viewing is 8 to 14 feet.
  • Display Resolution – The display resolution comes in broadly three categories such as HD display resolution, Full HD resolution, and 4K Ultra HD resolution. In today’s market, companies are pushing and marketing 4k ultra HD display resolution, placing 1080p display resolution TV at the second position and at the same time, HD display resolution is getting outdated and are less in demand amongst the customers and new buyers.

However, if you are tight on your budget and does not want to spend much on purchasing a new television or simply just looking for a small screen television then you must opt for an HD TV. All these HD TVs come with a resolution of 1280X720, which would be enough for the customer to watch DTH or on-air programs. Talking about full HD TVs, they have a resolution of 1920X1080 which gives better clarity as compared to the HD ones.

On the other hand, 4K ultra HD TVs should only be considered if you are buying at least 50 inches or above the TV. These TVs have the highest resolution of 3840X2160 pixels offering the best image quality. So, if you are investing for a long-run, say 5 years or so it would be a wise decision to purchase a 4K Ultra HD TV as in a couple of years these TVs would be more in demand than ever. Though in India majority of TV manufacturers offers HD and Full HD TVs but the future lies with 4k Ultra HD TVs.

  • Smart TV – Smart Tv is another thing which can be commonly seen a lot in these modern TVs in India. A TV is considered to be smart if it has an operating system running on it. Currently, there are broadly three OS popular which are Samsung’s Tizen, Google’s Android Tv as well as LG’s Web OS. Smart Tv helps in streaming all the content with the help of Wi-Fi onto your television screen. One can see unlimited online content from websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube, Hotstar etc.

However, one should check whether their smart TV supports these websites or not. With the running of the operating system, Smart TV helps you to download varieties of apps. So, now you can easily download your favorite social and networking apps and it also enables you to share the post directly from the big screen. In addition to it, some of the Smart TV comes with a feature of mirroring i.e. they could mirror their favorite video games to their smart TVs and play video games on the big screen. If your smartphone doesn’t have mirroring support, then you can purchase Google Chromecast in order to cast content from your mobile device to directly onto your big screen television.

  • Quality of Sound – Another key factor which should be taken into consideration before buying any new TV. For a better and smooth big-screen experience, it is important to have good quality sound. The sound quality is majorly based on three basic factors which are as follows:-
    • Audio Output – For a 40-inch tv which is approximately 101.6 cm, it is best to have a 15 W speaker system. One should check whether the TV which they want to buy has an inbuilt woofer or not. Moreover, if an individual is going to purchase a larger in size TV then 20-25 W round system would be an ideal option for it.
    • Customization of Sound – TV which comes with graphic equalizer and surround-sound modes enables the individual to customize the quality of sound according to their needs,
    • The positioning of Speakers – It is considered that TVs which has front-mounted speakers placed gives the best quality of sound but due to the introduction of thinner frame models in TVs the speakers are now placed at the bottom. So, in order to make most of it place your new TV on the wall to experience the best quality sound.
  • The ratio of Contrast – The higher the ratio of contrast, the better it is considered to be. The contrast ratio basically indicates the difference between the deepest blacks to the whitest white. The contrast ratio goes down as the brightness of the TV increases, but the TV would only produce clear and detailed images if the contrast ratio of TV is high. Though many manufacturers of TV claims to have high contrast ratio it is difficult to judge unless you have run a proper test to check the exact contrast ratio of the TV. In such a scenario, the only thing you can reply to is TV reviews and your own experience. Play a high-resolution movie on the TV you are interested to buy, and carefully observe the contrast colors appearing on the screen and their ratio to judge whether the contrast ratio is high or low.
  • Refresh Rate – Refresh rate holds importance if you love playing video games onto your television. The refresh rate indicates the number of times, the image comes up on the screen in a second. So, if the refresh rate of Tv is of 60 hertz then it simply means that the image comes up at about 60 times per second. As a result, it is considered that the higher the refresh rate, the better it is. And if you purchase a TV which has less than 60-hertz refresh rate then it can make your image blurred and jittery altogether. One may also go for 120-hertz refresh rate only if their budget allows but nevertheless, having 60-hertz refresh rate is enough for the individual to stream and view content.
  • Viewing Angles – Viewing angles are a significant factor in purchasing any new television and in order to judge this, an individual may have to physically go to the store to check the viewing angles of TV. Majority of manufacturers in India, makes promises to have a viewing angle of a minimum of 176 degrees but the sad truth is, it is not the case. Viewing angles becomes all the sudden more important to the individual who tries to buy a budgeted TV especially when your friends are coming over. Consequently, TVs which has larger and better viewing angles should be purchased by the customer and for that, the customer should check the angles by himself through store visit and read the TV’s review online.
  • Number of Ports – It is recommended to purchase that TV which has more the number of ports available. Having only two HDMI ports would only be used for connecting your set-up box as well as a maximum of one game console. So, it is better if you go for a TV which has more ports in it depending upon the number of devices which you want your TV to connect with.
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