Best Places to Visit with Kids in India

December 23, 2018

One of the most important responsibilities a person can ever bear is that of children. These lovely creatures come into your life and immediately monopolize your time, thoughts and energy. It is very easy for children to adapt to a routine. But, all parents must make sure that their children aren’t falling into a rut.

A change of scenery is both healthy, as well as educational for the little ones. This gives them a chance to explore new surroundings and opens their eyes to a world beyond their usual routine. A casual outing also gives the parents a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with their precious cargo, which they may not be able to do amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

There are tonnes of places around the country, where you can have a lovely vacation with your kids. Of course, any dotting parent would want to make an informed decision regarding such an excursion.


No child in this world should be deprived of witnessing the beauty of Lakshadweep. The scenic beaches, the lovely climate, and a tourist-friendly atmosphere make Lakshadweep the perfect place to take your precious little ones for a joyous vacation.  If you happen to visit this piece of paradise close to September, you can indulge in some well-organized water sports that would thrill your child to no end.


If your kid is showing an affinity to history and antiques, Udaipur just has to be your next vacation spot. The famous boat ride of Udaipur will undoubtedly be the most fun your kid has had in a while. The art and culture of this city are simply enthralling. Udaipur will certainly give your child a lot of material to brag about, to his friends back home.


Every kid must visit his or her national capital at least once. Delhi has a way of making everybody feel at home. Your kid will be no exception. The food and sites of Delhi are enough to win over anyone, regardless of your age.


The big apple of India has a way of leaving everyone in deep fascination and children are no exception. From exploring the beautiful museums and walking around the lovely beaches, there are tonnes of things for children to partake in, at Mumbai.


Fondly named the ‘city of joy’ Kolkata is the ideal vacation spot for a family with kids. This place will prove to be not just joyous, but also educational for your kids. There is no dearth of museums, parks, zoos and planetariums in Kolkata. Your child will certainly have a tight schedule during the vacation.

It is not just the adults who need a breather from life. In today’s times, children have become extremely intuitive and keenly observing. They can sense their surroundings and know exactly when the pressure is rising. Unlike adults, children don’t possess a strong coping mechanism. When things have been hectic for a long time, it is better for both the parents as well as the children to take a break, preferably somewhere far away from the daily routine.

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