Medical Tourism In India

October 21, 2018

Today, India is a hub for those seeking medical attention for their ailments and medical condition. Advance facilities, doctors and low-cost treatment attracting a large number of foreign patients every year. Millions of people come to India every year wanting to rid themselves of whatever illness that is bothering them.

The Niti Aayog has identified medical value travel (MVT) as a major source of foreign exchange earnings. India currently has around 18% of the global medical tourism market. According to a report by FICCI-IMS Health, the medical tourism industry in India could be worth USD 9 billion. And this will account for 20% of the global market share.

Ayurveda, yoga and wellness industry in India set it apart from other medical tourism destinations in the world.

Medical Infrastructure

The medical infrastructure of India is improving with every passing second. The various major players such as Fortis, Tata, Max, and Apollo, have been making heavy investments in their equipment and infrastructure. Today, they are able to provide a variety of medical services at a cost that is far less than most other countries.

Low-Cost Treatment

If a person wants to get a heart bypass surgery, the bills would be dangerously high in countries like the USA, the same surgery can be availed in India, at a lower price. The cost of traveling to India and staying here for a few days is also a lot lower than in other countries.

India also has many efficient and world-famous plastic surgeons. India is renowned for world-class expertise in cardiac care, cosmetic surgery, joint replacements, neurological and orthopedic treatments and dentistry. Super-specialty hospitals are being established in the top cities and the highlight is there is no waiting period here, unlike the US/UK counterparts.

Skilled Doctors

Another factor that makes India such an attraction for medical tourism, is its skilled doctors. Any Indian hospital which undertakes the treatment of foreigners, has to meet several quality standards prescribed by the law. If these are not fulfilled, there is a high chance the particular hospital will lose its license. Hence, the quality of equipment, as well as the doctors is absolutely top-notch in India.

One thing that cannot be denied, is the quality of education in India. There is a reason why so many foreign exchange students prefer to spend a few semesters in Indian universities, and why there is a high demand for Indian manforce in the western countries. The doctors and surgeons produced by the elite universities of India are extremely talented and hence, are highly sought by people from all over the world, seeking medical attention.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Apart from all the modern methods of treatment, India is also a hub for more ancient and traditional forms of treatments, such as Ayurveda, yoga, and acupuncture. There are many people around the world who have been failed by modern medicine. Hence, they turn to India, hoping for a different solution.

No language barrier

India is the country using English as the official language. This reduces the communication gap between foreign patients and attending doctors. Due to such ease of communication, patients can freely explain every health problem they experience, and avail treatment efficiently.

It has become evidently clear over the past decade, that India is now a lot more than just a few old monuments and spicy food. If the improvement in its infrastructure continues at the same pace, we can be going places very soon.

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