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December 21, 2018

Life can be hard. It can drive you up the walls and make you want to scream in frustration. At times like these, the need to escape cannot be denied. One of the best ways to take a temporary escape is to take a short trip to a foreign land. Look no further. No matter what you intend to do on a vacation, India can cater to all your needs. So without further ado, look up a flight and book a ticket to the land of diversity.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of India, is the glorious Taj Mahal

The Architecture

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of India, is the glorious Taj Mahal. It certainly is a sight to behold. When you first look at it, you can’t take your eyes away for a good full minute. The architecture of the Taj is simply spellbinding. You cannot help but be appreciative of all the curves, the hills and valleys of its design and the sheer beauty of it all. The architecture is a mixture of many cultures. The influence is very eminent, coming from the Persian, Islamic and Mughal cultures. It really was the true test of creativity to successfully build the Taj.

Simply Majestic

Known for the dome at the top, Taj is simply majestic at first glance. More than the lovely white marble and sandstones, the Taj stands tall thanks to the love and warmth put into it by its creator, Shah Jahan. The love he held for his dying wife, Mumtaz Mahal, inspired him to build something as grand and gorgeous as the Taj. Mumtaz had lost his life during childbirth. And so, the love and grief-stricken king decided to build the Taj, in order to fulfill his wife’s last wishes.

That kind of love Is an inspiration of millions of people across the globe.

In her last moments, Mumtaz vocalized a wish for a mausoleum to be created in her memory. So, a year after she left the world, the construction began. The love-struck kind spared no expenses of efforts in its creation. The construction and the overall design of the Taj Mahal were inspired by a number of great Mughal and Timurid structures like the Gur-e Amir or the tomb of Timur from the Mughal dynasty,  the tomb of Humayun and many other similar structures.  Shah Jahan, having taken the wishes of his dying wife to heart, made sure the material used was top of the class and the labors being deployed were absolutely amazing at their job.

White Marble

During that era, red sandstone was the weapon of choice for people trying to build a monument. But, Shah Jahan, who wanted the Taj to be above everything else, chose the white marble, which was very precious and rare at the time. The beautiful white stone is now the signature of the Taj Mahal. You can’t miss it from miles away.

India is a great place to spend a wonderful vacation with your loved ones. Of course, spending a quant and beautiful vacation with the special someone is always a richer experience. Taj calls out to all the lovers of the world, in its loved filled glory.

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