How to Protect Your Skin From Pollution

February 25, 2018

Environment pollution is caused by various reasons like smoke from car fumes, smoking cigarettes, smog etc. And these air pollutants not only affect your body but also adversely impact the texture of your skin. These air pollutants get stored under the pores of your skin and thus, speed up aging as well as other skin related problems. Hence, in order to protect your skin effectively from pollution, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Clean properly – It is important to clean your skin properly after coming from outside. You should use micellar water to remove your makeup and gentle cleansers to remove pollutants from the pores. Using serums which are rich in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidant will help in creating and building skin defensive system.
  • Charcoal infused Face mask – Face masks which have components of charcoal helps in refining the skin and considered best for skin detox. Not only charcoal components but turmeric and yogurt mask can also help you in getting glowing and radiant skin naturally.
  • Drink Plenty of Water – Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps in removing those toxins from the body as well as assists cells to effectively absorb nutrients. Staying hydrated not only keeps your body healthy but your skin as well as it helps in keeping skin moisturized and hydrated for a longer period of time.
  • Skin protection through fatty acids – In particular, fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps in protection of skin by developing lipid-based cell membrane which in turn creates an oil shield over the skin to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Hence, one should definitely, include these fatty acids in their daily diet. Omega 6 is present in eggs, meat, chicken etc. whereas Omega 3 is present in walnuts, kidney beans, tout etc.
  • Products to keep in bags – With the temperature rising on a daily basis, Products like face cleansing wipes, sunscreen with SPF above 15, lip balms with SPF, face mist and a water bottle should always be there in everyone’s bag if they want to protect their skin from severe pollution. Therefore, if you travel every day to college or work, then these things are a must to carry.
  • Foods that should be avoided – There are various foods which should be avoided in order to keep intact your glowing skin. High consumption of sugar dominated foods leads to secretion of the high amount of insulin in the body which causes the formation of excess oil. Thus, leading to problems like acne and aging etc. Increased intake of salt can lead to retention of water which in turn causes swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Dairy products like cheese, milk etc. c contains high levels of hormones that causes skin-related problems like acne and clogged pores.
  • Consuming good anti-oxidants –Vitamin C and Vitamin E are considered as good anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is found in all citrus fruits like oranges, lime etc. Vitamin C is known for keeping skin healthy and glowy from within. On the other hand, Vitamin E which is found in mustard, peanut butter, spinach etc. gives protection to the cell membrane from devastation. Vitamin E also helps in keeping skin smooth and moisturized for long.
  • Avoiding Saturated Fats – Saturated fats are bad for our health as well as for our skin. These saturated fats can be majorly found in various junk food like burgers, fries etc. as well as in red meat and causes inflammation to the skin which leads to excess oil production in the body. Thus, leading to developing the problem acne and frequent break-outs.
  • Sunscreen for protection of Skin – It is really important to choose the sunscreen wisely in order to protect the skin effectively. There are three sunrays which can cause harm to the skin i.e. UVA rays which lead tanning, UVB rays comparatively less harmful and UVC rays which get absorbed into the atmosphere. Generally, most of the sunscreen in the market comes with only UVB protection but one needs to understand that UVA rays are the most harmful rays of our skin as compared to UVB. Therefore, it is important to look for that sunscreen whose SPF is above 15 and is able to protect your skin from both UVA as well as UVB rays.

Thus, these are some simple yet effective steps which one can take in order to protect its skin from pollution as well as various skin-problems which pollution may bring onto your skin.

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