How to Buy an Air Conditioner: AC Buying Guide

April 8, 2018

India’s summer could be really harsh, with sweat dripping from the entire body the only thing which provides comfort and relief is Air Conditioners. The demand of ACs gets extremely high during summer time and is purchased not only rich class family but an average middle-class family can also afford to buy an AC, thanks to the overall growth of the Indian economy and increased purchasing power among middle-class families. In India,  ACs are considered to be one of the luxurious which an individual can purchase as it is directly linked to providing comfort at home.

With increasing competition, advancement of technology and increasing consumer awareness about health and environment, every brand of ACs across the country provides key features like energy efficiency and health benefit ACs. Experts of this industry have indicated that the brands are driven by three goals which are to be environmentally friendly, to save energy and to be innovative at the same time. And these are the key which serves as a buying guide for the consumer to buy an air-conditioner. Air-conditioner brands have launched various ACs which are 5-rated in energy saving and in addition to it, new air-conditioners in the market are also introduced having other features like humidity control, balancing room temperature, repelling mosquitos without releasing any toxic gas, purifying air etc. for you and your family to have a comfortable night sleep.

If you want to purchase a brand new air-conditioner or just want to replace your old air-conditioner. It is important that before buying an AC for yourself or for your family, you must follow these important points or rather tips, which would help you in your buying process so that you can purchase an air-conditioner which fits perfectly to you and your family needs.

  • Type Of Air-conditioners – There are broadly three types of ACs which a person can purchase for its room. These are –
    • Split AC – Split AC generally quieter and much more efficient in saving energy as compared to a window air-conditioner as well as provides quick cooling. Split Ac comes into two parts which are an indoor unit and outdoor unit.
    • Window AC – Window ACs are cheap and easy to install as compared to Split AC. These can be placed or rather mounted on the window and on the wall. The evaporator is room facing while the heat rejecter is outside facing of the room.
    • Inverter AC – In this type of AC, an inverter is placed to control and regulate the speed of the compressor. They are generally cheaper than non-inverter AC and are more efficient.
  • Capacity – It is important that size or the capacity of the AC which you want to purchase should which perfectly fits the size of the room where it would be placed. A general notation (rough estimation) of room size and the capacity of AC  is, if the room is 9×10 feet in size then suitable AC capacity is 1 Ton. If the room size is 10×11 feet then AC capacity should be 1.2 Ton, If the room size is 10×20 feet then AC capacity should be 2 Ton. This is a crucial factor because if you purchase an AC capacity which is less than required then it would lead to consumption of more energy whereas if you buy high capacity AC than the actual requirement, you end up paying more for the item as well as high electricity bills.
  • Power Consumption – With an increase in the tariffs on electricity bills. People prefer those ACs which consumes less power. Though ACs which are efficient in saving energy may cost your more while purchasing but in the long- run it would save your electricity which means you paying less on your electricity bill. So, an AC which has more stars which consume less power as compared to AC which has fewer stars. These star ratings are given based upon the test condition and latest regulation of BEE authority.
  • Price of the Product – Another crucial factor in deciding which AC would be most suitable for you and your family. The price of air-conditioners varies based on the type of air-conditioner as well as a number of features which the product has. The product which has the highest star rating and packed with innovative features comes with a higher price tag. The increase in one star leads to an additional increase in the cost of roughly Rs. 2,500. An inverter AC is generally much higher at the cost compared to a 5- star rated Split AC.
  • Air Quality – The indoor quality of air is very crucial, so, it is important that the AC comes with a really good filter in order to improve the overall indoor quality of the air. A good filter makes you that the air is clean and enhances the performance and efficacy of AC while it prevents evaporation oil choking which may emerge due to dust particles.
  • Cooling Speed – It is preferred that the AC should have a temperature setting thermostat which is adjustable and a minimum of two fans speed so that you can easily adjust the speed of AC during the whole day. In addition to it, having an efficient energy saving setting in your air-conditioner would be a plus in long run.
  • After- Sale Service – A consumer should look for warranty period provided by the air-conditioner company. While purchasing a new AC, always give preference to the brand which has quick and efficient service to meet your need for services.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Air-conditioners are very much similar to purchasing a car, once acquired it requires consistency maintenance through servicing in order for it to remain best in performance. It is optimal that servicing of AC should be done at least quarterly for its smooth functioning.
  • Installation – For a window AC, the installation of an air conditioner is at the window since they come in a compact size. On the other hand, Split AC comes with a compressor unit which is placed on the outside of the house as well as an indoor unit which placed inside the room for better and quick cooling. It is important that you install your AC from an authorized dealer for a hassle-free installation in order to maintain the smooth performance of the air-conditioner.
  • Flexibility – Nowadays one may see a variety of ACs but one of the prominent features which makes ACs flexible is their ability to provide heating in winters and cooling in summers, it is one of the features which Voltas and other branded companies of air-conditioners launched in India and gained instant popularity. Moreover, having a hot and cold air-conditioner helps in saving energy as heaters are the items which consume power comparatively. So, look for an air-conditioner which is flexible and multi-purpose also.
  • Heat Exposure – If you are purchasing an air-conditioner are is planning to install it near a kitchen or direct sunlight where heat exposure would be higher then it is important that you purchase that AC which has higher cooling capacity in a ton.
  • Weather – For the place where you stay, for instance, if you stay in Rajasthan, it has highest of temperature in the daytime but at night time it is comparatively a bit cool. So, it is important that your air-conditioner has weather and climate control key features installed. Choose an AC which can work efficiently in extreme weather conditions too.
  • The degree of Usage – Your purchase of an AC also based on the degree of usage of the air-conditioner throughout the day. If you are a person who turns on AC for only 8 to 10 hours on a daily basis for 3 to 4 months, then it is preferable to go to 3-star energy consumption on the unit. On the other hand, if you are going to purchase an AC for increasing its usage till the extent of 5 to 7 months then it is preferable that one purchases a 5-star rating air-conditioner. And, if you are going to use it for the entire year, it is better that you switch off the hot and cold air-conditioner, which would not only save your electricity bill but also consume less power.

 Other Features which eases the buying process for the consumers –

Apart from features mentioned above, there are other features as well which a consumer should take into consideration while purchasing a new air-conditioner for himself/herself. Now, a majority of air-conditioners are coming with a dehumidification feature which means it aims at reducing the humidity present in the air and strikes a balance by providing cooling and comfort at the same time. Another important thing which an individual should check be the level of noise which AC is creating, the noise may range between 19 – 60 decibels. A consumer should also look for sleep mode specification while purchasing an air-conditioner as this feature helps in maintaining the temperature of the room while the person is sleeping at night. In addition to it, the air-conditioner should also have automatic restarting feature in order to restore the last setting before the power break.

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