How Can You Travel Around The World For Free?

October 21, 2018

Traveling the world is a dream for many people, but very few people are able to actually live it. Usually, our lives become so hectic that we simply can’t take a few days out. But most importantly, our budgets are usually not too flexible to fit in a world tour somewhere. And so, the dream to go around the world remains unfulfilled. But, as it turns out, the world is changing. And traveling around the world for free is not so unattainable after all. Here are a few of them:

Bonus points on credit or debit card

You must be using a credit or debit card right? In almost every major bank today, the cardholders get some bonus points every time they swipe the card. These points can stack up really quickly if you are a habitual cardholder. Using these points, you can book flight tickets at half price or no price whatsoever, depending upon your card usage. This can be a great way to score some free tickets.

Choose your profession carefully

Your profession decides whether you get to travel or have to sit at a desk all day. Fortunately, there are many jobs out there that require you to be out and about. For instance, if you are an auditor, a research analyst or a public speaker, you are sure to travel a lot, that too on your client’s budget. All expenses are fully paid by the company or the individual you are working for. This is a great way of mixing business with leisure.


Blogging has picked up a lot of hype nowadays. If you are fond of traveling, start blogging about it. By creating a good image for yourself on social media, you can attract the attention of publishers, vacation agents or even airlines. Gradually, these people will be paying you to hit up a destination and review it on your blog. The best part is, you will be getting paid for doing the thing which you love the most.


Peace Corps has always been a popular way for the youth to travel around the world, and do some good deeds while they are at it. Basically, these NGOs hire young and able people to go around the world and volunteer for servicing the less privileged. It’s noble work and you also get to explore new places.

Switching Places

There are various websites out there, which offer exchange services. Basically, you will be switching places with someone who is a few countries away from you. This includes you staying at that person’s house, living his life for a few weeks, while he lives your life. The deal is not a bad one as you don’t actually have to pay for accommodations or even food.

Most importantly, if you want to travel the world for free, you need to be able to trust new people. Imagine going to a completely new place, meeting someone, befriending them and then getting to spend a few days at their place for free. The deal is a profitable one. You simply need to have some faith.

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