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February 15, 2018

To read from relevant books is very important while preparing for any exam. IIT JEE exam is considered to be the most important exam for all those students who aspire to be an engineer. This exam is not so easy to crack. You need to prepare for IIT JEE from 11th class itself so that you can secure a good rank and have a good chance of getting admission in the prestigious IIT’s of India. The more early you start studying, more are the chances of you getting admission.

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is what you need to work hard on. Make your concepts clear in these subjects for the IITJEE exam. Now the question arise what books you should be consulting while preparing for IITJEE. You need more than your regular NCERT books to clear this exam. We’ll be listing some of the best books that you can study from.

So, here we are going to provide Books Recommended By IIT Toppers. By choosing relevant books, aspirants can save their precious time and score good marks with the help of IIT JEE Preparation Books.

Mechanics and Electromagnetism constitute the major part of the paper (65%). In mechanics, do not stick with only mainstream questions, try different types of questions. Electromagnetism has a lot of formulas and a whole lot of concepts, which is the most difficult part of the syllabus. So, strengthen your theoretical knowledge. Keep in mind that Heat and Thermodynamics are generally numerical based on basic laws, so don’t go deep into the topic and concepts.


Physical chemistry has questions that are rather typical than applied. It is also the most scoring part of chemistry section, so learn it thoroughly. Keep in mind that Inorganic chemistry has both applied as well as typical questions and preparing for it might take a lot of time. Organic chemistry covers around 40% of the questions, where most of the questions are applied and based on series of reactions except GOC. Once you get the concepts right, it will become the easiest subject for you.


Complex Number, Permutation Combination and Probability cover 80% of the algebra portion. Remember that the questions on these topics are relatively easy and scoring. Vector and 3D sometimes have questions that are bit lengthy, but if you get them right, you conquer the 30% weightage it has. Calculus, the most tricky part, has no particular trend in types of questions, so you have no choice but to practice a lot.


You should additionally keep the following on your table


Besides, if you are looking for general preparation guidance, you can have a look at the following:

And finally, to revise the syllabus, you can buy revision packages:


This is a full list of books. You are not expected to buy them all. However, it is important to solve problems from as many books as possible. On the contrary, its better to read theory from say one or two books or at most three.

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