Weekend Getaways with Friends near Kolkata

November 13, 2018

Looking for best places to visit with friends for outdoor picnic? Checkout 5 nearest places you can go and enjoy with your friends. A little time away can give you the comfort and solace you need from daily stress.

Kolkata is the shining example of how a city can make or break its own future. Kolkata has a glorious past for making things happen on its known. The city has an amazingly interesting history that its habitants cannot help but be proud of. Once a messy crumble, Kolkata is now a force to be reckoned with. Let’s have a look at the best places to visit near Kolkata next weekend.

Like everything else, even Kolkata is not perfect. It has its own minuses which the residents feel in full force, every day. The population has been increasing on a daily basis, and the streets are becoming more and more crowded every passing day. Pollution has caught on with the city and the air has started to become smoggy. In circumstances like these, the good folks of Kolkata are entitled to feel the need to escape. And any retreat can turn into the holiday of a lifetime if you have your friends along with you and want the best places to visit with friends near Kolkata, here are 5 nearest places you must visit:


Cuttack can be one of the handiest options for you and your friends while trying to get out of Kolkata. It is quite nearby and has no dearth of things that you can do and explore during your weekend getaway. The cuisine of Cuttack will be the death of you but in an entirely delicious way.


Even though Rourkela is all about steel, it can prove to be an amazing vacation spot for you and your friends, especially when you only have a weekend to spare. The lovely gardens of Rourkela are the ultimate picnic spots for you and your friends to have a cozy and chilled-out picnic in the outdoors.


In spite of not being on the radar of every traveler out there, Ranchi will surprise you with its tourist friendliness. Ranchi is filled with some really beautiful waterfalls that are sure to cheer you up. They can be the perfect backdrop for a groupie. The animal sanctuaries and museums are sure to give you the touristy feel you have been seeking.


When looking for a vacation spot near Kolkata, you can never go wrong with Gangtok. This place is the ultimate tourist paradise, especially if it includes a frustrated group of friends who just want a place to relax and chill. The air of Gangtok absolutely fresh and clean, which is a far cry from the mess and smog of the big cities.


Jamshedpur may not seem like at, but it really is the ultimate tourist spot for the people of Kolkata. The lovely gardens of Jamshedpur are perfect for quiet walks and relaxing every fiber of your being. Your gang won’t ever be the same after a trip to Jamshedpur.

A city can be the most pleasant one in the world and yet, it can still feel like a chained prison at times. It may not have anything to do with the city itself, but with the lives we are leading today. The stress and pressure make us want to escape and who better to do it with, than your closest pals. A little time away can give you the comfort and solace you need to go on. What are you waiting for, pack your bags and plan your travel to the best places to visit near Kolkata next weekend.

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