Weekend Getaways Vacation with Family near Pune

November 13, 2018

Plan a vacation with your family for best family trip near Pune and escape the city for a day or two. The change of scenery will give you the time and energy you need to reconnect with your loved ones. Get tour packages to pune, best tours and travels, tour operator in pune and best hotels to stay in Pune

Living and surviving in the city of Pune can be more than a handful at times. The stress, the pressure and the ever-present burden from the workplace can lead to more than a few headaches. Everyone is out there for himself and is ready to play rough if need be. In this article we will look at 5 best places near Pune for a short vacation with family.

Without a conscious intention, we ignore our families and start missing out on the major family moments. Luckily, weekends are there to rescue you from such a swamp. Plan a vacation with your family for the best family trip near Pune and escape the city for a day or two. The change of scenery will give you the time and energy you need to reconnect with your loved ones.

Let’s have a quick look at 5 top places near Pune with the family vacation.


The location of Nashik is such that you can safely get here for the weekend, without having to run late the next Monday morning. The place is really scenic and an absolute visual delight. The energy of Nashik is perfect for taking your mind off work and concentrate on making sure your family has a wonderful time.


It may not seem so, but Ahmedabad can be an amazing tourist destination, once you get over the huge population and the ever-growing traffic. The architecture of Ahmedabad is seriously fascinating and will leave you sneaking several glances at it.


At a very short distance from Pune, Vijaywada is a lovely little city perfect for spending a quiet weekend with your family. You can spend the day visiting various temples and trying out the various food spots of Vijaywada. There’s a simplicity to this place which you won’t find in the metro cities.


Agumbe is the perfect weekend destination for those who are tired of looking at throngs of people, day in and day out. The place is scarcely populated and doesn’t get a lot of tourism, which makes it quite exclusive. Your family is sure to enjoy the change of scenery a great deal.

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If you are tired of the boring Pune, you can go up to the happening Mumbai for the weekend. The place is active at every hour and is sure to keep you and your family entertained and amused. The population of Mumbai is quite diverse and so is its culture. You will certainly enjoy the vibrancy of Mumbai.

Families are an important part of our lives. But, due to the rising pressure from all corners and in a quest to take down mountains, we often ignore and neglect our loved ones. If this goes on for a very long time, relationships are sure to grow estranged and eventually, families break apart. One way of ensuring that you all stay connected is to take some time away from daily life and spend it with your family. Things are sure to be spiced up at the end of the trip.

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