Best Bags-packs if you are traveling alone

March 2, 2018

Solo traveling could be really enriching with the kind of destination you see, the kind of people you meet and the various things that you notice. Thus, traveling alone would give you an experience of a lifetime and if you are a solo traveler then you can easily relate to all the things which have been said above. But in order to make the journey smooth, enjoyable and beautiful, being hands-free is the only way to go and for that, you need to have some reliable bag-pack with you. Therefore, here is the list of best bags-pack which you can take along with you for your next traveling:-

  1. Travel Backpacks – Travel backpack is the optimal choice when you are traveling alone as these bags distribute equal weight to both of your shoulders, easy to carry, and most importantly you don’t have to use your hands for carrying any luggage. These travel bags are spacious enough for you to keep all your travel essential belongings. They are specially designed in the form of a suitcase which you can carry hands-free and has plenty of compartments and zippers which makes it easier to keep various items.
  2. Wheeled Backpack – Of course, they are not hands-free but they would definitely won’t sprain your shoulder which may happen when you carry a travel backpack. These wheeled backpacks are more spacious than the travel ones and have zip- away straps which are useful when wheels may seem as an inconvenient option. They also have mesh-dividers so that you can keep your stuff separately in the bag. Thus, wheeled backpacks are more versatile than the usual travel backpacks.
  3. The Duffel Bag – Duffel Bags are preferable for those solo travelers which are on a budget. Though often these bags are opted by athletes than travelers but these bags are spacious and that is why they are still preferred by the military in carrying of weapons. Duffel bags are also easier to move in confined spaces like in crowded rides and are much less complicated as compared to backpacks as backpacks have more hidden pockets and zippers in order to create space which one may not be able to understand properly.
  4. Wheeled Duffel Bags – When compared to a regular duffel bags, wheeled or rolling duffel bags are more spacious in compartments and has more zippers so that you can fit your essential items more easily. These duffel bags are stylish in appearance and are easy to carry. People normally prefer wheeled duffel bags as it is more convenient and one won’t injure himself/herself like they generally do in a travel backpack.
  5. Travel Tote Bag- Now if you are a lady who is going for on her next solo trip, then it is ideal to carry a travel tote bag along with you, as it will be convenient as well as you can put all your essential items like cosmetics, cash, clothing or electronics in it. A travel tote is more spacious than a regular tote bag and comes with a shoulder strap if you don’t want to carry it on your shoulder at the time of traveling. Travel tote bags are easy to carry and are fashionable at the same time. The bag is best for keeping accessories, laptop, and small stuff.
  6. The Messenger Bag – The messenger bag is ideal for both men and women and can easily be worn as compared to the travel tote bags due to the longer strap they have and at the same time it is much more secure than the travel tote bag. These messenger bags are hands-free unlink the wheeled backpacks and do not injure your shoulder as a travel backpack may do. Even when walking, things are much more accessible to pick in a messenger bag as compared to a regular or wheeled backpack.
  7. The Rolling Suitcase – If you are going on a long trip and planning to shop and want to bring back things at your home then the optimal choice is picking a rolling suitcase. These suitcases are not only spacious but also you do not have to carry the heavy weight of your luggage, you can just roll the wheels with a retractable handle. It is ideal for those solo travelers who have lots of things to pack and don’t want to strain their shoulder by opting for a travel backpack.

Thus, depending on your duration of stay, place of visit and budget these are the best bags-pack which you can definitely use for your next solo trip.

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