Bad At Flirting? Here Are 4 Tips To Impress Your Love

February 21, 2018

When done right, flirting can set the mood way better than any date. It’s that exciting bridge that actually leads two people to the destination of their relationship. Here are 4 tips Indian men can try…

Here, flirting doesn’t mean text messaging or social media flirting rather it means face to face flirting with women you are interested and trying to woo. Bollywood since ages has been a source for Indian men to learn about how to flirt with women or how to impress her. But the main problem here is Bollywood itself doesn’t showcase the best or at least appropriate way to flirt with women and over the years, Bollywood has been criticized for the way it portrays the Indian men relying upon various weird measures of flirting covering it up with almost perfect romance, chiffon oriented songs along with swiss like location.

Few examples where Bollywood really proved that a person should not completely rely on it when it comes to picking up girls at the club like the dialogue from the movie Cocktail where Saif Ali Khan says, “Kya Aap Believe Karte Hai Love At First Sight Mein…Yah Main Dobara Ghoom Ke Aao?” (do you believe in love at first sight or should I come again?) and if you think that’s weird then wait till you hear this one,

I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, Skype you Aur Agar Tumne Phir Bhi Jawaab Nahi Diya Na. I’ll poke you

Varun Dhawan in the movie “Main Tera Hero” says the following dialogue “I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, Skype you Aur Agar Tumne Phir Bhi Jawaab Nahi Diya Na. I’ll poke you” a perfect line for you to be named as the ultimate stalker and

Girlfriend Na Sahi, Feel He De De!

now the last one from the movie Raanjhanaa the dialogue “Girlfriend Na Sahi, Feel He De De!” is outright disgusting and the line, if used as a pick up line, could definitely give you a tight slap right across your face when said to any girl in real life. There are many dialogues in such so-called romantic Bollywood movies which if used would make any girl definitely go running but in the opposite direction.

In every Bollywood romantic film ever, the six-packed abs hero resorts to using cheap tactics and measures to woo a girl which straight out depicts borderline stalking or harassment but since he’s the main protagonist and it’s a movie, the depiction is not something which is criticized much by the audience. The cheap means which are used in the name of flirting to woo the girl is completely gross and utter rubbish to be used by anyone in the real life which would only bring embarrassment. There was a time almost 20 years ago, when Shah Rukh Khan says “Palat” and we hoped and wished for Kajol to turn around but now time has changed and if anyone tries this in a crowded local platform as a means for winning over a girl then definitely he will be left with disappointment while looking stupid and no women would take him seriously.

We cannot really blame Indian men to be bad at flirting because there only source of education is just really Bollywood. Therefore, in order to broaden the perspective in flirting here are 4 tips which would help you to impress the girl you like:

Tip 1: Start off with just a little smile
If you don’t know her then the best way to approach her is with a gentle smile and paying her a compliment like “the color of this shirt really suits you” or “I couldn’t help noticing the way that necklace really brings out your eyes.”

Tip 2: Self- confidence
Girls really like those guys who are self- confident and could strike a conversation without making it awkward. Another thing to note is that being over-confident would really blow your chance with her and if you know her already then encourage her to talk by asking her questions like “What did you do this weekend?” or “how is the new project coming up?”

Tip 3: Notice her reaction
Watch how she has reacted so far, if she is interested in you she will smile back, make eye contact, move her body towards you but if she is not she will look here and there or simply turn away. Girls are hard to understand, probably she might be playing “hard to get” or too shy or simply blushes if all points say yes then keep flirting with her but if she is genuinely not showing interest then leave it at that.

Tip 4: Talk about her interests and use appropriate humor
Try learning about her interest and hobbies and encourage her to discuss it. Avoid interruption while she is talking as constant interruption can be a major turnoff for the girl. Majority of girls find good humor very attractive and it also relieves awkwardness.

These are some tips which Indian men can try rather than getting influenced by Bollywood flicks while making their first move without bringing any embarrassment. Thus, the key to successful flirting is to be yourself and not imitate someone who you are not.

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