Amazon Fire TV Stick India – Review and Features

April 15, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick a product introduced by the company last year is a revolutionary media streaming device which comes with a voice remote and is priced at Rs.3,999.

It is built on Android technology and does what all good online service try to do and maximizes the range of content which is available to users. This has inevitably made the Amazon Fire TV Stick a big hit. It doesn’t put any limitation on entertainment channels like done by cable operators as it provides access to Amazon Prime videos, Hotstar, Netflix and many more. By taking premium subscription of Hotstar, Voot, Amazon Prime Videos and other online streaming apps, one can get access to unlimited videos.

But, like Netflix, the Amazon Fire TV Stick does have one big drawback and that is geo-restrictions. Much of the content you can access through the Amazon Fire TV Stick is restricted to be watched in a particular country or location.

So what it means is that the device is designed for its customers in a way to view unlimited TV shows, movies, videos, songs everything on just one stick with or without taking premium subscription of streaming apps. By including voice remote item with the device, Amazon which only functions in an HDTV tv-screen has still kept the traditional feel of watching tv with its firestick which you may find missing in its competitor’s product i.e. Google Chromecast. The product when used can really unlock your TV potential from usual TV to transforming it into Smart TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with support language of Hindi and English to better connect with its users. The stick is offered by the company whose work is to simply covert your simple and conventional  TV into Smart TV. The prime delivery of the product takes less than 2 days for delivering the product at your doorstep.


Prime content: Amazon says that the Fire TV Stick offers over 1000s of movies, TV episodes, sports, news, music, and games. The selection varies from Bollywood latest movies to all time Hollywood blockbusters like Batman v Superman, and The Legend of Tarzan. It can be connected to Prime, Hotstar, YouTube and Gaana etc.

Ease of use: Amazon notes that The Fire TV stick comes pre-registered so user do not have to go through the hassle of registering the device first and then using it. All the users will need to do with the Fire TV Stick is that they will need have Prime subscription and that they will need to connect it to a TV, along with Wi-Fi.

Parental controls: Fire TV Stick comes with parental controls settings. Users can set a PIN to restrict access of mature content by children. Company says that all movies and TV shows in the Amazon Prime Video catalogue as well as apps from the Amazon App store come with maturity ratings by age group.

Track data usage: Users can keep a check on their data consumption through Fire TV Stick. Using the data monitoring feature on Fire TV, users can select their preferred viewing quality to manage data use. Also user can configure their Fire TV Stick to alert them before data use exceeds their preset limit.

Voice search remote: This can be the most unique part of Amazon Fire TV Stick. Voice Remote responds instantly and lets users easily search for Amazon Video content using their voice.


Apart from the general briefing, let’s talk about more on the pros and cons of the product through my personal experience and insights about the product. These are elaborated on the basis of their features and in what areas does the device excels and in what areas does the device falls short:-

  • More Control: Its Bluetooth connectivity makes the stick acts as a device which maintains the traditional way of watching TV plus you get an amazing degree of control as to when to stop or pause a video.
  • Mirroring other electronic devices – You can also mirror your laptop and mobile devices with Fire Stick which ultimately fulfills what Google Chromecast is actually providing.
  • Easy Switch and Voice Support feature- The non-infrared voice remote of the Fire TV Stick easily wakes up the TV with just a press of any button so now, there is no need to keep your TV remote beside you. It also provides fairly decent voice support in its remote which works well almost 90{f809a56359b76962ec37d1e5af1be1e8f020ef98e5911bcef240081e55a026af} of the time.
  • Easy installation of Apps – You can easily install and uninstall apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, Voot, YouTube, Jio TV in Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Browsing Support – Amazon firestick comes with a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor so that the videos could load faster and consume less bandwidth which overall provides good browsing support.
  • Faster Connectivity– You can easily connect it to wi-fi or wi-fi hotspot from the setting menu just like you connect your mobile devices which makes it useful as well as operational-friendly altogether.


Apart from some amazing features, Amazon Fire TV Stick does come with some drawbacks which you might want to know about before purchasing it for yourself:-

  • Limited Approved Apps – The Amazon store library is limited to the apps which are being approved by Amazon.
  • Voice Support is not always functional – The voice support causes inconvenience and does not really work while trying to open a video in YouTube.
  • Requires faster Internet Speed – A recommended Internet speed of 4 Mbps is required in order to get the best and smooth experience of streaming videos on TV.
  • No Volume Button – The Fire TV Stick remote doesn’t have a volume button so you might have to keep your TV  remotes together with the Fire Stick one.
  • No Saving of Data at will – The picture quality of the video automatically stream in a higher resolution so you don’t get an option to watch any video at 480p if you want to save data. Though, if your internet speed is slow it will switch to 480p.
  • Lags while mirroring with other devices – It devices lags when mirroring with laptop or mobile device and makes the video to stream in slow motion which can be irritating at times.
  • High consumption of Data – It consumes a lot of your Internet data. So, it is better to upgrade your connection with an unlimited high-speed pack.

How to Mirror your mobile and tablet screens on your TV Screen using Amazon Fire TV Stick India

You can mirror your display on most phones or tablets that support Miracast. Some of these devices include:

Android devices running Android OS 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher (performance may vary).

Important: Before you begin, make sure your Fire TV and compatible mobile device are turned on and within 30 feet of each other. If your mobile device isn’t registered to the same Amazon account as your Fire TV, also make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can mirror your display on most phones or tablets that support Miracast. Some of these devices include:

Android devices (running Android OS 4.2 or higher)

To quickly start display mirroring, press and hold the Home Button on your Fire TV remote, and select the Mirroring option. Then connect your compatible mobile device. Press any button on your remote to stop display mirroring.

Here are detailed connection steps, depending on your Miracast-enabled device:

  1. Select Settings > Display & Sounds > Enable Display Mirroring from the Fire TV menu.
  2. On your Android device, connect to your Fire TV.Note: If you need more information about connecting your Android device, the device manufacturer will be in the best position to help.
  3. Press any button on your Fire TV remote to stop mirroring your Android device screen.

Overall verdict:

If you want to watch tv via internet, if you are planning to take chrome cast, if you want to enjoy TV show whenever you want, then this device is for you. Go ahead, Buy it and enjoy. Amazon Fire TV Stick is better and more user-friendly as compared to other streaming devices like Chromecast etc. if you want to stream all internet videos in your TV. Bottom line, it’s worth every penny invested.

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